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The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is a citywide effort aimed at updating the regulations that guide growth and development in Charlotte.The Charlotte UDO Project will help us better preserve, strengthen, and protect the patterns of development that define the character of the City of Charlotte, direct investment to targeted growth areas, and create new opportunities for economic development, helping to make the City a more sustainable, livable and business-friendly community.

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The UDO will be the primary tool to implement Charlotte’s plans and policies through development regulation and will combine multiple development ordinances, including the Zoning Ordinance, into one set of regulations.

Some advanced work on parts of the UDO will be completed in 2019, and the first public draft of the complete ordinance will be available by early 2021. There will be multiple online and in-person opportunities to be involved in the UDO. The first phase of UDO changes are in the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zoning ordinance.

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Zoning Ordinance

Why do this?

Encourages and enables the development of mixed-use, vibrant neighborhoods where people can live, work, shop and dine with diverse transportation options.
Ensures that zoning for properties along the Blue Line is consistent with the type and form of development called for in City Council adopted station area plans.
Enhances design and development standards to support pedestrian-friendly development.
Provides flexibility in uses for property owners by creating broader categories.
Creates more by-right development entitlements for property owners, with less process and more predictability.
Encourages the rehabilitation and reuse of structures that contribute to the identity and character of the neighborhood.
Respects existing established residential neighborhoods by limiting the height and intensity of adjacent new development.
Supports a diversity of housing choices with access to daily services, employment, and transit.

Tree Ordinance

As part of the development of a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), the City is proposing changes to the Charlotte Tree Ordinance. The proposed changes to the Tree Ordinance are limited in scope and focused entirely on urban zoned sites.

While an effective tool, the application of the Tree Ordinance standards to urban development can be challenging. The proposed changes are intended to make the Tree Ordinance work better on these urban sites. Such sites are zoned UMUD, MUDD, TOD, UR and NS, as well as any zoning district with a PED or TS overlay.

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Sign Ordinance

As part of the City’s ongoing Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) project, the City is proposing changes to the Sign Ordinance. The proposed changes to the Sign Ordinance are comprehensive and far-reaching. So, what’s being proposed?

The City’s sign regulations have remained largely unchanged since adopted in 1992. Rapid growth, coupled with changes in the sign/advertising industry and the legal landscape, have made it clear that now is the time to update the Sign Ordinance. These proposed changes to the sign regulations will reach across all the City’s jurisdiction and impact all zoning districts.

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