Zoning Translation

The UDO establishes new zoning districts applied within the City of Charlotte and its Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). This page describes the translation of zoning from old zoning districts to the new zoning districts in the UDO. For more on the schedule of UDO drafts and adoption, click here.

Explore the UDO Zoning Map

Click on the link above and enter an address or parcel ID to see current zoning and the translated UDO zoning district once the adopted UDO goes into effect.

The new UDO zoning districts on this map are effective as of June 1, 2023.

Translation Table

The map above is based on the zoning translation table in Article 3 of the UDO (See below). The zoning translation table lays out how each conventional zoning district will translate in the UDO.

Districts not translating with udo

There are three types of zoning districts that did not translate on the effective date of the UDO: conditional zoning districts (CD), optional zoning districts (O), and exception districts (EX).