Tree Ordinance

Tree Ordinance
Text Amendment
7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

July 11, 2019

One meeting, two topics. Come learn about proposed changes to the City of Charlotte’s Sign Ordinance and Tree Ordinance.

Additional Information

As part of the development of a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), the City is proposing changes to the Charlotte Tree Ordinance. The proposed changes to the Tree Ordinance are limited in scope and focused entirely on urban zoned sites.

While an effective tool, the application of the Tree Ordinance standards to urban development can be challenging. The proposed changes are intended to make the Tree Ordinance work better on these urban sites. Such sites are zoned UMUD, MUDD, TOD, UR and NS, as well as any zoning district with a PED or TS overlay.

The proposed changes to the Tree Ordinance will:

  • Codify flexibility – Greater transparency and predictability can be expected by formalizing the flexible administration of the Tree Ordinance that is currently already in use
  • Better integrate trees into urban sites – Provide more/better options to integrate trees on urban sites where people can interact with them
  • Result in NO NET LOSS OF ORDINANCE REQUIRED TREES – This is a guiding principle in these proposed changes

An initial informational drop-in meeting will be held on July 11 for anyone wishing to learn more about these proposed changes. The meeting will be held at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center in Room 267 (2nd Floor), 600 E. Fourth Street. Drop-in times for the Tree Ordinance are from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Staff will be on hand to present the proposed changes, receive feedback, and answer questions.

You may also contact Laura Harmon at 704-336-4565 or for additional information.


WHY CHANGE THE TREE ORDINANCE? The Charlotte Tree Ordinance is an effective tool for preserving and enhancing the city’s tree canopy in greenfield development and in suburban settings. However, the application of some Tree Ordinance standards can be challenging in urban development. The proposed changes are intended to make the Tree Ordinance work better with these sites.

CODIFY FLEXIBILITY The proposed amendment will codify the flexibility that is currently being applied in the administration of the Tree Ordinance for greater transparency and predictability.

BETTER INTEGRATION OF TREES INTO URBAN SITES Current Tree Ordinance requirements are not conducive to integrating required internal trees and tree save areas into urban development sites. The proposed amendment will permit better integrating of trees into areas of the site where people can interact with them.

WHAT WILL BE THE IMPACT OF THE PROPOSED CHANGES? A guiding principle in the development of the proposed Tree Ordinance amendment is that there will be NO NET LOSS OF ORDINANCE-REQUIRED TREES.

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