FAQ for Zoning Translation

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Transit Oriented Development – Zoning Translation












Why is my zoning changing?
New Transit Oriented Development districts have been developed that will replace the current TOD zoning districts that have been in use since 2003. The current TOD-M, TOD-R, and TOD-E zoning districts will be removed from the Charlotte Zoning Ordinance upon adoption of the new TOD districts.



What is the adoption process for the new TOD districts?
The text amendment for the new TOD ordinance was filed in December 2018. The fourth informational meeting was held on February 5, 2019, at which major concepts in the proposed ordinance were reviewed. The public hearing draft of the text amendment can be found on the project website (CharlotteUDO.org), and the public hearing will be held on March 18 at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. Following the hearing, the Planning Committee of the Planning Commission and City Council’s Transportation and Planning Committee will make recommendations on the draft before it is forwarded to the full City Council for a decision. Adoption by City Council is expected in April 2019.



What is existing TOD zoning being changed to?
All property that is currently zoned TOD-M, TOD-R, and TOD-E will be changed (translated) to the new Transit Oriented Development-Community Center (TOD-CC) district upon adoption of the new TOD districts. Conditional TOD districts (e.g. TOD-M(CD)) and Optional TOD zoning (e.g. TOD-MO) will not be translated to TOD-CC upon adoption but will retain the Conditional or Optional TOD zoning.



What if I want my zoning to be changed to a new TOD zoning district other than TOD-CC?
Planning, Design & Development Department staff is examining every property in each of the transit station areas along the Blue Line corridor to determine which zoning district best aligns with City Council adopted plans and policies. When this process has been completed, you will be notified about whether your property is recommended for a zoning district other than TOD-CC. The city intends to rezone properties to match the recommended zoning district. Draft zoning maps are expected to be released in early summer 2019. Staff is working to identify how to expedite this process.



I have an existing business on my property. When my zoning changes, can I continue to operate?
Yes, legally established existing businesses allowed under the current zoning standards can continue to operate as they do now.



Can I expand my business?
If your business is a permitted use under the new zoning district, you may expand it subject to the development standards of the new district. If your business is not a permitted use in the new zoning district, you may expand it once subject to the development standards of the new district. This one-time expansion may not exceed 1,000 square feet of gross floor area or 10% of the area devoted to the use, whichever is greater.



What if my building doesn’t meet the new standards?
Any principal building will be deemed legally conforming with the new zoning district if the building is in existence on the date the new TOD districts are adopted by the City Council.



I want to develop my property under my current TOD-M, TOD-R, or TOD-E zoning. Can I still do that?
Between the effective date of the new TOD districts and June 30, 2019, property previously zoned as conventional TOD-R, TOD-M, or TOD-E that is translated to the TOD-CC district may elect to develop or redevelop under the previous TOD-R, TOD-M, or TOD-E regulations then in effect if a zoning site plan has been submitted and accepted for zoning review by the City of Charlotte. After June 30, 2019 all development will use the new TOD districts unless they are conditionally zoned.



When are the new TOD zoning districts scheduled to be adopted?
The new TOD districts are anticipated to be adopted by the Charlotte City Council in April 2019.



How can I get more information about the new districts?
This website contains information about the new TOD districts, including the latest draft of the ordinance. You may also email any specific questions or comments to CharlotteUDO@CharlotteNC.gov or call 704-336-2205 and ask for a staff person that can answer questions about the new Transit Oriented Development Districts.