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Petition #2019-103

In October 2019 the City approved and adopted (Petition #2019-103) a full and timely rewrite of the sign regulation in its Zoning Ordinance (found HERE). To begin, the last change to this regulation was in 1992, almost 30 years prior! Furthermore, the October 2019 rewrite was preceded by a new sign regulation adopted for the City’s new TOD zoning districts introduced in April 2019.

In summary, the October 2019 rewrite:

  1. Addressed trends in the Charlotte community, the legal environment, and the development and sign/advertising industries
  2. Created consistency and uniformity in regulations
  3. Updated language and graphics to be clear, simple, and easy to use, and
  4. Collated regulations previously scattered throughout the Zoning Ordinance

NO SUBSTANTIVE CHANGES adopted for Outdoor Advertising (i.e. billboard) signs.

Petition #2020-104

The City’s sign regulation is used on an almost daily basis, providing an almost instantaneous and continuous feedback loop. Consequently, this provided the City with an opportunity to quickly identify areas for improvement or clarification of the sign regulations. This formed the basis of first text amendment update (Petition #2020-104) to the sign regulation adopted in October 2019.

The text amendment accomplished the following :

  1. Provided additional flexibility and allow more creative design
  2. Improved scale for certain sign types
  3. Provided for greater utilization of wall space for sign area
  4. Addressed unintended consequences
  5. Clarified the enforcement process, and
  6. Updated, added, and deleted graphics and definitions

NO SUBSTANTIVE CHANGES proposed for Outdoor Advertising (i.e. billboard) signs.

The information below provides additional information on Petition #2020-104.

Brief Presentation

Sign Regulations Text Amendment

Annotated Sign Regulations Chapter

Questions and/or feedback regarding the 2020 sign regulation update? Please reach out to UDO team member Kevin May via email at