Sign Ordinance

Sign Ordinance
Text Amendment

Materials from 08/14/2019 Community Meeting

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As part of the City’s ongoing Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) project, the City is proposing changes to the Sign Ordinance. The proposed changes to the Sign Ordinance are comprehensive and far-reaching. So, what’s being proposed?

The City’s sign regulations have remained largely unchanged since adopted in 1992. Rapid growth, coupled with changes in the sign/advertising industry and the legal landscape, have made it clear that now is the time to update the Sign Ordinance. These proposed changes to the sign regulations will reach across all the City’s jurisdiction and impact all zoning districts.

The proposed changes to the Sign Ordinance will:

  1. Create content-neutral standards – New regulations will be based on sign type and physical characteristics
  2. Introduce new sign types – For example, A-frame, Roof and Skyline signs
  3. Provide consistency & uniformity – Regulations in and across districts will be more similar
  4. Make the standards easier to use & understand – More illustrative graphics will be included
  5. Eliminate the scattershot of sign regulations throughout the Zoning Ordinance – Bring sign regulations into one location

While minor housekeeping and clarifications are proposed, NO SUBSTANTIVE CHANGES are currently planned for Outdoor Advertising (i.e. billboard) signs.


WHY CHANGE THE SIGN ORDINANCE? Charlotte’s sign regulations have remained largely unchanged since they were adopted in 1992. The city’s rapid growth, changes in the sign and advertising industries, and recent court rulings now warrant an update of this ordinance.

WHAT WILL CHANGE? New sign regulations will be based on sign types and physical characteristics, not the content of the sign. New sign types (e.g. A-frame, rooftop, and skyline signs) will be allowed in some places. New standards are proposed for size, materials, location, lighting, portability, and quantity of signs.

WHAT WILL NOT CHANGE? No significant changes are proposed for Outdoor Advertising signs (i.e. billboards).

WHAT WILL BE THE IMPACT OF THE PROPOSED CHANGES? The proposed amendment of the sign ordinance is part of the ongoing Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) process. Eventually, the new sign regulations will be incorporated into the UDO. The proposed new sign regulations will provide consistency and uniformity in standards, be easier to use and understand, contain more graphics and illustrations for greater clarity, and bring all of the scattered sign regulations in the current Zoning Ordinance into one location.

Sign Ordinance Text Amendment

New Sign Regulations