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The UDO has received over 600 comments on the first draft to date. To review the latest public comments, view the documents linked below. City staff will provide a response to each comment submitted through the public comment portal and will post those responses periodically in the documents linked below.

View Latest Public Comments (As of January 14, 2022)

Introductory Articles (Art. 1-2)

Zoning Articles (Art. 3-14)

Land Use Article (Art. 15)

Other Development Articles (Art. 16-22)

Stormwater & Natural Resource Articles (Art. 23-29)

Subdivision, Streets and Other Infrastructure Articles (Art. 30-35)

Administration Articles (Art. 36-40)

Global Comments on the UDO (Not Article Specific)

Please check back on this page as staff develop responses to comments.

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