“Meeting in a Box”

Our “Meeting In a Box” is a collection of information that you can explore to learn more about the project. It also includes two online tools for sharing your voice, the “What is this Place Type?” Questionnaire and the “What is your favorite place in Charlotte” interactive map.

Make your voice heard by completing the Questionnaire and posting to the interactive map.

“Meeting In a Box” Contents:


  1. Glossary – A handy list of frequently used terms.
  2. Information Posters – A series of posters with information about the Charlotte Place Types and the UDO (click on links below).
  3. “Getting to Know Place Types” Exercise – A quick exercise to help residents explore the different elements (land use, design, transportation, and open space) of Place Types.
  4. “What is this Place Type?” Questionnaire – An exercise to identify what Place Types are where in our Charlotte community.
  5. “What is your favorite place in Charlotte?” interactive map – Upload a picture and description of your favorite place in Charlotte.

Please return your completed questionnaire via e-mail or mail.
E-mail:  CharlotteUDO@charlottenc.gov
Mail:  CharlotteUDO, 600 E. 4th Street, 8th Floor, Charlotte, NC 28202