First Draft Public Comments

What are we hearing from you?

Thank you to all the community members who submitted comments on the first draft of the UDO. Your input and contributions are valued and will help to ensure the UDO project process is a success. A large number of comments were submitted and received through the UDO comment portal. The public comment period for the first draft UDO closed on March 18, 2022

Staff are currently working to develop responses to the comments submitted. While staff have already developed responses for many comments, a number of other comments are still under consideration.

Below are common responses for those comments still under consideration and explanations for these responses:   

  • This comment is still under review. Staff is reviewing this comment to determine if changes are recommended or if additional study is needed. For some comments, it may be premature to respond before the end of the extended public comment period.     
  • UDO staff and consultants are reexamining this language for potential modification in the next draft UDO. Staff has identified the topic of this comment as one that needs further study prior to making a recommendation about whether to make a revision and, if a revision is recommended, what the recommended change should be.   
  • UDO staff will review these requirements with the City Attorney’s Office. Some comments have legal implications and the UDO staff need additional input from the City Attorney’s Office prior to providing a response.

As a response is finalized for a comment pending additional consideration, UDO staff will add that response. This additional response will be identified as an update.

We ask for your patience as we work through the large number of comments submitted and received.  We encourage all in the Charlotte community to submit, or continue submitting, comments through the public comment period extended to March 18.

The City reserves the right to block, or remove comments that contain the following:

  • Vulgar, abusive, threatening language, or defamatory statements.
  • Personal attacks, hate speech, or offensive terminology targeting individuals or groups of individuals.
  • Off-topic comments, spam, or links unrelated to the Unified Development Ordinance.

The City of Charlotte is subject to the North Carolina Public Records Act. As a result, information shared on this portal may be subject to request and disclosure to third parties.

View Latest Public Comments (Last Updated- June 1, 2022)

Introductory Articles (Art. 1-2)

Zoning District Articles (Art. 3-14)

Zoning- Use Article (Art. 15)

Zoning- Additional Development Standards Articles (Art. 16-22)

Stormwater & Natural Resource Articles (Art. 23-29)

Subdivision, Streets and Other Infrastructure Articles (Art. 30-35)

Administration Articles (Art. 36-40)

Global Comments on the UDO (Not Article Specific)

Thank you again for your partnership in helping us to draft the city’s first-ever UDO.

Listen to the conversation

The engagement on the first draft of the UDO included four community “Listening Sessions” on topics that garnered the most community conversation. This included sessions on heritage trees, short-term rentals, neighborhood zoning and parking standards. Hear what the community had to say on each of these topics!