Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Districts

The first major part of the UDO and its zoning regulations, Charlotte’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Districts have already been adopted. City Council adopted revised Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zoning districts and subsequently rezoned over 1,500 parcels along the Blue Line light rail corridor to one of the new TOD zoning districts in April 2019 (TOD Alignment Rezoning No. 2019-102). Additional revisions to these TOD zoning districts were amended in June 2020.

New TOD Zoning Districts

Transit Oriented Development Charlotte


The purpose of the Charlotte’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Districts is to encourage and enable the development of moderate to high-intensity, compact, mixed-use urban neighborhoods near transit stations where people can live, work, shop, dine, and pursue cultural and recreational opportunities while enjoying a range of mobility choices. TOD development standards, combined with limits on auto-centric uses, are designed to create vibrant neighborhoods with a robust network of streets, sidewalks, and bicycle paths, providing safe and convenient access to transit stations.

The new TOD Districts were adopted by the Charlotte City Council on April 15, 2019 as a Text Amendment (Rezoning Petition 2018-169).

TOD Alignment Rezoning

The 2019 TOD Alignment Rezoning (2019-102) rezoned over 1,500 parcels on the Blue Line light rail corridor that were recommended for a future land use of transit oriented development in an adopted transit station area plan. These parcels were zoned to one of the TOD district identified as being most appropriate for each parcel, either TOD Urban Center (TOD-UC), TOD Community Center (TOD-CC), TOD Neighborhood Center (TOD-NC), or TOD Transitional (TOD-TR).

TOD Alignment Rezoning

Charlotte TOD District Summaries

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