Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Districts

The UDO Team is working on new Transit Oriented Development Districts in response to public input, the Planning Commission TOD Priorities work, and as an implementation step in the South End Vision Plan. The TOD Districts Team is currently working to draft language with the consultant. The first draft of TOD-A (as it was then referred to), which was the most intense of the TOD districts, was released in late March 2018.

The most recent draft includes four separate TOD districts, each of which is designed to deliver great transit oriented development across a range of transit station areas and conditions. This draft is presented in the format that will be used for other sections of the Unified Development Ordinance, which presents information using more graphics, illustrations, and tables, with less text.

THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL DRAFT. Some sections have not yet been completed, but will be added to subsequent drafts as they are developed.

August 2018 Public Draft – Transit Oriented Development Districts

To learn more, please see the presentations linked below and consider attending the Informational Meeting scheduled for 6:00 pm on August 14, 2018, to be held at the CLT Powerhouse, 1507 Camden Road, Charlotte. Parking is limited, so attendees are encouraged to ride the LYNX Blue Line to the Bland Street Station or use other alternative transportation.



Drafts of TOD districts will be posted below as they’re released.Questions/comments on TOD-A? Click here.


  • Outline + Background
    This 2-page document introduces TOD-A and explains how it fits
    into the larger Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).


If you would like to view the comments regarding TOD-A as of March 26, 2018 please click here COMMENTS.