What are place types?

Place Types are a policy tool, used in conjunction with the Unified Development Ordinance, for guiding development.  They provide a way to shape the future of our community by concentrating on context – the look and feel of places, their form and their character – instead of focusing only on the conventional land use categories.

Charlotte’s place types are based on the framework provided by “CONNECT Our Future,” a three year, regional effort to develop a shared vision for growth. To learn more about that effort visit: www.connectourfuture.org. Using CONNECT as a starting point, Charlotte place types will be:

  1. Used to identify and describe the present condition and environment of our community’s places and the desired future for those areas.
  2. Mapped similar to a traditional future land use map and used to determine change.
  3. Linked to the revised Unified Development Ordinance which will create a new set of zoning districts and enhanced development standards that better align with the desired character of place.