Area plans and place types

Like Place Types, area plans are a policy tool that provide guidance for future growth and development. In Charlotte, the content and format of area plans have evolved to accommodate different priorities and standards over time. Earlier plans (1990-2012) tended to cover larger areas and included less detail about the form and design of development. More recent plans (2013-2016) focus on smaller geographies and provide greater detail.

While recent area plans provide more guidance for elements such as specific street connections and infrastructure projects, the process for developing these plans is not able to keep pace with the community’s growth and the demand for updated plans. Utilizing place types will allow the city to provide a more comprehensive update to planning policies and provide a stronger link to the Unified Development Ordinance.

Image: Recent area plans (2013-2016) that provide adequate guide for form and character only cover 17% of the city’s jurisdiction. Utilizing place types will provide more guidance for the form and character of future development throughout the entire city.