Charlotte’s Growth

If you’ve visited Charlotte lately then you may have noticed that we’re a growing community. In fact, we’re projected to grow by about 400,000 people by 2045. To better understand who’s moving here and what’s attracting them we posted two surveys, Charlotte’s Growth & Charlotte’s Millennials (still available here).  Participants had the following to say:

  • We’re a community of transplants: Nearly half of our residents are relatively new to the area (46% of respondents have lived in Charlotte for less than 5 years).
  • The economy is Charlotte’s biggest attraction: 68% of respondents moved to Charlotte because of a job either for themselves or their spouse.
  • Charlotte should attract more high-tech jobs:  There are a number of ways to become a more competitive city. 47% of respondents said Charlotte needs to attract more high-tech jobs to the existing employment landscape. Also, to attract a broad range of companies and industries, Charlotte should continue to focus on quality-of-life investments such as open space, public transit, and overall walkability.
  • Charlotteans want a range of choices for housing, transportation, education, and employment: 83% of respondents ranked a “range of choices” as the most important element of our city’s vision statement. “A thriving natural environment” and “safe and attractive neighborhoods” were the second and third most important elements of the vision statement.

Charlotte’s vision for the future is to be a “Livable City for All” with a vibrant economy, a thriving natural environment, a diverse population, a range of choices for housing, transportation, education, entertainment and employment, and safe and attractive neighborhoods.