NoDa ponders past, future with Charlotte Place Types/UDO

How can we better engage renters? How can we keep our existing business district buildings?

These were a couple of questions raised by members of the North Davidson (NoDa) Neighborhood & Business Association at a March 21, 2017 meeting with planning staff to learn more about Charlotte Place Types and the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

Seven NoDa neighbors noted that they’re trying to balance the neighborhood’s mill village past, notably in architectural character within the neighborhood’s residential interior.  A few common elements of the neighborhood’s residential character include:  deep eaves, front porches, large windows, and wood frame construction.

Planning staff noted that as part of the upcoming UDO, infill development and change in older neighborhoods will definitely be a conversation topic.  Planning staff also noted that tools ranging from historic districts to neighborhood conservation overlay districts (NCOD) are potential tools for addressing concerns about context-sensitive development.

NoDa neighbors also indicated interests in using adaptive reuse to preserve older buildings along North Davidson Street and 36th Street, NoDa’s business district. Given the neighborhood’s popularity, NoDa neighbors are also keen to engage renters as new apartment buildings develop in the neighborhood.

NoDa neighbors were also curious about planning/zoning tools that affect housing affordability, which is a conversation topic in many in-town neighborhoods.  Planning staff noted that the ease or burden of creating housing supply is influenced by planning/zoning, and will be part of a larger community conversation in creating the UDO.

Our conversation with NoDa neighbors was around the table at local restaurant, so we’re glad to meet people in a range of settings.  If your organization’s interested in learning more about Charlotte Place Types/UDO, check out Request A Meeting under Get Involved on our home page.